TV Installation

TV Installation

When you want the best TV installation services in Birmingham, Nashville, Orlando or Austin, you can count on us. TelBuyer provides top-quality TV mounting services you can depend on. Our TV mounting experts are ready to help you. Don’t attempt mounting a TV above the fireplace alone; contact us for TV wall mount installation today.

TV Wall Mount Installation Service

Whether you’ve just purchased your first TV for a new home or you must replace an old one, TV installation isn’t something just anyone should perform. It’s not a DIY job, but is meant for professionals.
You might opt to use the department store’s installation team, but that becomes costly and rarely gives you access to trained technicians.
Consider TelBuyer instead. Our convenient service and trained team help you achieve the TV installation you desire. You choose the time that’s right for you and enjoy the cost-saving benefits as well.

Our TV mounting services include:

  • Installation of bracket
  • Mounting of TV
  • Connection of video and audio components
  • Concealment of wires
  • Configuration of peripheral devices

Looking for TV Mounting Above the Fireplace?

Before you set out mounting a TV above the fireplace, you want a professional by your side. Prior to hanging a TV over a fireplace, several facets must be thought out. First, you want to determine where you want the TV. Most times, it can’t be placed at eye level, but we can evaluate your setup.
Here are a few other aspects to consider.

Fireplace mantel: It helps to have a mantel in place. This prevents rising heat from hurting your television. With the mantel acting as a barrier, your TV remains cooler.

Recessing the TV: Deciding to recess the TV into the wall is beneficial, especially if you don’t have a mantel. This isolates the heat coming out of the fireplace.

Follow proper clearances: The fireplace owner’s manual specifies how far away combustible materials should be placed. You want to follow this advice with your TV as well. It’s wise to go beyond the required clearances, when possible.

Wood vs. Gas vs. Electric Fireplaces

If you want to mount your TV above a fireplace, an electric fireplace is a great option. This type offers the best scenario for hanging your TV because some of them don’t produce heat at all. The same goes for a wood-burning fireplace because much of the heat exhausts through the chimney and never reaches the TV.
Wood-burning inserts produce a good amount of heat, which likely reaches your TV. This setup requires some additional effort to protect your electronics. A direct vent fireplace also creates a fair amount of heat. We recommend investing in a blower which pushes the heat away from your television.
With a ventless fireplace, the air circulates through the home. They don’t draw fresh air from outside, so a lot of the heat remains in the room with your TV. This set up causes the television to become quite hot.
Hanging your TV over your fireplace is a great way to enhance the style of your room, but it isn’t something that should be entered into haphazardly. You must follow all of the proper precautions to protect your products.
Contact our professional staff to determine how to handle TV mounting over your electric, wood or gas fireplace.
Hanging a TV over your fireplace can look great, but if you’re going to do it, make sure to follow the proper precautions. We customize a plan that reduces the amount of heat and smoke your TV is subject to.

TV Mounting for Optimal View

One of the most critical aspects of mounting a TV is to ensure you have the right view. With an experienced team of installers, TelBuyer knows how to create the perfect movie theater set up in your home.
The last thing you want to experience is a sore neck when trying to view the TV on a wall mount. It’s far better to have a viewing angle that creates an ideal home theater seat from anywhere in the room.
We look at full-motion tv wall mounts and tilt mounts to decide what works best in your situation. Putting your flat panel TV on a full-motion mount helps you to adjust the angle anytime you need to.
Before you sit down to watch TV again, you want to reach out to our team. We have the mounting bracket your flat screen requires to complete your interior design and create a viewing experience unlike any other.

Why Choose TelBuyer

Our experienced team of professionals mounts any brand or model of TV. If you have an older model or an updated OLED, our experts have the skills you need to complete the task. TelBuyer built a strong reputation in the communities we serve. That’s why many of our customers continue to use us for other electronic setups.
Attempting to do the job yourself puts you and your home at risk. Most people don’t know how to perform installation safely. We have up-to-date training on what’s required in all TV mounting situations.
Furthermore, our team provides a complete quote for the amount you’ll owe. We don’t charge hidden fees or add on extra costs at the end of our service. Instead of worrying about how much you’ll pay, you can sit back on the couch and enjoy your new theater.
Our installation team also shows up on time. You don’t have to stop your day while waiting for service. We accommodate your needs and consider your schedule. Plus, our entire team is vetted and screened to make sure you only receive a professional.
Simply choose a time slot that fits your needs. If something comes up and you need to reschedule, that’s okay too. Just give us plenty of notice and we’ll find a better time for you. We don’t charge a fee to do this. TelBuyer handles the installation of everything you need to make your house a smart home. From TV mounts to home automation, we manage it from start to finish.

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